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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Charlie's rescue!

I want to share this video with everyone! This is a dog resue that I witnessed a few winters ago. It was later in the afternoon and the fire whistle went off and I heard it was a water rescue. I thought it was a child so I responded to see if I could help in anyway. I am not a fireman so I basicaly just kept talking to the dog to encourage him to keep his head up. He kept fliping on his back and going with the current of the water. We would yell to him and he would fight back to the ice. I didn't start filming until the fire department got there and I knew he would be rescued. I didn't wanna just film the dog drowning.
The dog was rescued and treated in an ambulance after. He then was taken to the vet and spent the night. He made a full recovery. His name is Charlie!
Part of this video was in a movie called "I AM". Its a documentary on the life of movie director Tom Shadyac. He is the director of movies like Evan Almighty and Ace Ventura. Oprah did a show on this documentary and they actually showed part of this dog rescue on Oprah also.
Charlie is a very luck dog and is still living across town!

Monday, December 12, 2011

New to blogger!

This Blogger site is new to me! I see its going to take some time learn and get use to it! This channel is going to be about my adventures in the outdoors! I love to hunt fish and trap. I am not a profesional in any of these hobby's. Just an ordinary person who loves to be outside and share my lifes experiences!

Thanks for reading!
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